Our Team

Everyone is a part of the team and only as a team we can succeed.
And only as an efficient team we can offer our guests an unforgettable stay. Be it the chef in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal for you or the chambermaid decorating your room with a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers – every staff member tries to do their best for you. The Lodge is operated by a management team which is supervised by the owners, Marlies and Jörg Gabriel. The Hatari team consists of the following departments: Lodge Management, Lounge, Kitchen, Housekeeping, Laundry, Guides, Garden, Security and Workshop. Each department has the same command structure, with the head of department providing the link between staff and management and ensuring that all comply with the rules and operations run smoothly. Many of the staff members were born in Momella Village or nearby – they have been part of the Hatari family for a very long time.

The African Embassy Ltd., the parent company of Hatari Lodge and the Shu’mata Camp, is an international enterprise. We cater to international guests and hire international employees. Our middle management consists of staff members from Germany, Great Britain, Kenya and of course, Tanzania. So we are able to communicate with everyone here – guests, residents, suppliers and partner tour operators – be it in Swahili, English or German. We also welcome trainees and volunteers in our team, if they are interested in tourism or the African culture and want to gain new experiences. Cooperation with our employees generates an interesting exchange of ideas, helping us to develop and conceptualize new ideas. The MomellaFoundation was founded by its coordinators, Marlies and Jörg Gabriel, the proprietors of Hatari Lodge in Momella and Shu’mata Camp in the Maasai Steppe. They fulfilled their dream by creating a luxury safari experience for travelers worldwide, but they realized that while their clients are enjoying the idyllic and stunning Mt Meru region, the local population is suffering from poverty and the lack of educational and vocational training. This is why the Gabriels created the MomellaFoundation – to give back to the community that provides their passion, love and livelihood.

The MomellaFoundation is a non-profit organization seeking to aid the region through various programs. Our main projects are concerned with education and employment, conservation, permaculture and empowerment of women. The foundation’s aim is to root out poverty. The MomellaFoundation is also run by an international team: European staff are working together with local people. For all projects the foundation seeks to attract trainees or volunteers who are socially committed and want to gain experience in social work.