June 2012

Maasai Experience

Since recently we offer our guests at Shu'mata Camp a 2 day authentic Maasai experience in cooperation with people to people safaris under the guidance of Ole Sululu. Sululu will lead you on a nature walk, describing the uses of various plants as medicine and herbs.
Some of the plants will be collected so that you have the opportunity to try them as tea. The walk ends on top of a hill overlooking the vast savannah lands of this gorgeous part of northern Tanzania bordering Kenya. Upon arriving on the top of the hill, a group of more than twenty Maasai warriors will welcome you with traditional songs and dance and be your hosts for an authentic goat barbeque. Ole Sululu will add some of the newly collected herbs to the roasting of the meat. In the evening you may enjoy a talk of one of our Lion Guardians who informs you about the aims and challenges of our Big Cat Guardians Project. After that you are well prepared for the Lion Guardians Tour the next morning. Have a game drive to meet the lion guardians in the South Amboseli/Sinya area and experience how to track lions and see the guardians at work. You'll gain a deep insight into daily Maasai lifestyle while visiting a Maasai boma at the end of these two days.

As Ole Sululu accompanies you and depending on your interests you may participate in a celebration or ceremony in the Maasai community we visit. Last but not least Ole Sululu leads you in a Maasai meditation on nature.