Arrival by Plane

In time for the 50th anniversary of the release of Hollywood classic “Hatari!” the luxurious Shu’mata Camp, an extension of the Hatari Lodge, can be accessed by plane for the first time – this way you can easily and comfortably include Serengeti as well as Zanzibar in your itinerary.

Starting in June of 2012, Coastal Airways will offer the following services:
West Kilimanjaro Airstrip (Shu’mata Camp) – Arusha – Serengeti and back
West Kilimanjaro Airstrip (Shu’mata Camp) – Swahili Coast (Pangani) – Zanzibar and back

Shu'mata Camp is outfitted with a helicopter landing place directly at camp.

Coastal Flyer

Coastal Flyer

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